Suzanne Lillian Roche

Lilly is an occupational therapist trained in Pelvic Wellness, Internal Family Systems Theory, Yoga & Meditation and sound healing. She founded Soul Embodied as a way to merge together the diversity of her training. She takes an integrated approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit of each individual. She believes that each person holds the intelligence their body needs to heal. Sometimes it is just about finding the right key to unlock the way!

Lilly currently specializes in:

Women’s Health and Pelvic Wellness 

Mental and emotional healing

Nervous System Regulation




In 2013, Lilly earned a Master in Occupational Therapy and Minor in Psychology from Western Michigan University. From 2013-2020 she worked as an Occupational Therapist specializing in older adult and end of life care. During her career as an Occupational Therapist, she witnessed deep suffering that her formal educational training did not prepare her to walk alongside to assist in its’ transformation.

This perceived gap in awareness and knowledge led her to continue her education in the fields of yoga & meditation and end of life care. In 2014, she completed her RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Program in the style of Hatha Tantric Yoga and Meditation with Karina Ayn Mirsky. In 2015, she competed her RYT 300 Ayurvedic Yoga Teaching Training Program with Kemako Shibata. In 2016, she completed a two year chaplaincy certification at Upaya Zen Center with Roshi Joan Halifax. During this time, she taught yoga classes, one two one sessions, and volunteered with Hospice of Southwest Michigan.

To more skillfully blend these fields of practice into emerging science, she completed trainings in Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath, Biofield Tuning, and Yoga Mind Set coaching which blends Internal Family Systems Theory (IFS) inspired Parts Work with Classical Yoga. She currently uses these skills as foundational tools in her focus of Woman’s Health and Pelvic Wellness.

She continues to study alongside pioneers in the field of Pelvic Health Occupational Therapy, Internal Family System Theory, and Classical Yoga to offer clients healing from an integrated approach. 

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