Internal Family Systems Theory Coaching (IFS Coaching) – Parts Work


If you feel unsafe in your body, not able to express yourself freely and lack connection to your intuition, you have come to the right place to heal. Expressive arts, movement, and breath have been used as potent transformational tools for centuries. Learn how to connect to your mind, body, and spirit through these mediums to live a vibrant life.

Lilly, OTR/L, MS, 500 YT is the director of Soul Embodied. She holds a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a minor in Psychology. She is also a 500 hr YT, ayurvedic practitioner, IFS inspired Parts Work coach, sound healer, and musician. Her mission is to connect you to the wholeness of Self-awareness to unleash your creative potential. 

Private coaching sessions are held in person and on zoom online calls. Lilly utilizes client centered approaches grounded in principles of Classical Yoga, ayurveda, IFS inspired Parts Work, HeartMath, expressive arts therapy, sound healing, and somatic based practices. Each session with Lilly will connect you to new levels of embodiment, self-expression and creativity.

Lilly works with people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and levels of ability. She is trauma informed, holding a sacred, non-judgmental, and compassionate space. Lilly specializes in working with young adults and adults who consider themselves artists, healers, and seekers. Her own integration of trauma, creative and vocal suppression, and burnout make Lilly a highly sensitive and informed space holder for others


Working with Lilly will help you:

  • Uncover and release limiting beliefs to live a life of authenticity and freedom
  • Gain clarity and insight to make empowered choices
  • Increase confidence, self-expression, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation
  • Improve overall wellness, vitality, and health
  • Unlock your creative potential and love for life!




Online Sessions

  • Prefer zoom (phone available)
  • Appointments are Tuesday-Friday.
  • Take a step toward your healing journey by scheduling a free Discovery Call

“Lilly is a gifted healer, teacher, and coach. The integration of her various fields of study allows her a nuanced view into helping people of all walks of life attain higher awareness, healing, and psychological and emotional resilience. Guided by her intuition and natural curiosity, she helps students and clients discover more about themselves and find healing through various interventions, including Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, and Internal Family Systems.”

– Jerry Givens

In-person Session 

  • Held in Kalamazoo, MI 49004
  • Appointments are Tuesday-Friday
  • Take a step toward your healing journey by scheduling a free Discovery Call



Intake session: $145

  • Intake sessions are 75 minutes 
  • Includes intake, assessment, and goal attainment measures

Individual session: $120

  • A single private session is 60 minutes

Individualized breath and movement practice: $60-75

  • A single private session is 45-60 minutes




  • If you are meeting in person cash is preferred
  • Lilly also accepts Venmo and Paypal with family and friends



Cancelation Policy:

  • For missed appointments or those cancelled within 48 hours, a donation for Lilly’s lost wages is requested to stay in good standing for rescheduling.
  • Most clients donate 50% of the session fee 
  • Donations can be made via Venmo and Paypal
  • Lilly holds the right to terminate services to those who do not honor this policy

    Do you have a question? Feel free to reach out.