Occupational Therapy ~ Women’s Health – Pelvic Wellness


As an occupational therapist, Lilly looks at what inhibits you from engaging in your daily life activities with a sense of purpose and joy. She focuses on Women’s Health with an emphasis in pelvic wellness. During sessions physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual barriers are identified. Your progress in tracked toward personalized goals. 

Occupational Therapy sessions are held in person and on zoom online calls. Lilly draws upon the framework of occupational therapy, using client centered approaches grounded in: Internal Family Systems Theory, hatha yoga & meditation, Ayurevda, sound healing, somatic practices, and pelvic wellness.

Lilly works with people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and levels of ability. She is trauma informed, holding a sacred, non-judgmental, and compassionate space. Lilly specializes in working with young adults and adults who consider themselves artists, healers, and seekers. Her own integration of trauma, creative and vocal suppression, and burnout make Lilly a highly sensitive and informed space holder for others.


Working with Lilly will help you:

  • Reduce tension of the pelvic floor musculature, fascial layer, and surrounding soft tissues
  • Improve strength and coordination of pelvic floor muscles
  • Improve overall postural and reduce pain
  • Adaptive strategies with or without use of adaptive equipment to achieve bowel, bladder, and sexual participation and/or independence
  • Bowl and bladder retraining programs
  • Optimize occupational performance, engagement, and perceived success in day to day living






Online/Virtual Session

  • Prefer zoom (phone available)
  • Appointments are Monday- Thursday.
  • Take a step toward your healing journey by scheduling a free Discovery Call

In-person Session

  • Held in Kalamazoo, MI 49004
  • Appointments are Monday-Thursday
  • Take a step toward your healing journey by scheduling a free Discovery Call


Initial Assessment: $195

  • Session length is 60-75 minutes
  • Client intake and establish client centered plan of care

Individual session: $150

  • A single private session is 60 minutes
  • A sliding scale rate is available for those in need.





  • If you are meeting in person cash is preferred
  • Lilly also accepts Venmo and Paypal 



Cancelation Policy:

  • For missed appointments or those cancelled within 48 hours, a donation for Lilly’s lost wages is requested to stay in good standing for rescheduling.
  • Most clients donate 50% of the session fee 
  • Donations can be made via Venmo and Paypal
  • Lilly holds the right to terminate services to those who do not honor this policy





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