The Canadian Model of Occupational Performance (CMOP) is a tool occupational therapists use to identify key factors in an individual’s wellness. 
At the center is the individual. In this model, a person’s core wellness consists of spiritual, affective, physical, and cognitive wellness. 

  • Spiritual wellness is our connection to something greater than and outside of ourselves
  • Affective wellness comprises of all social and emotional functional within ourselves and in relationship to others
  • Physical wellness incorporates all sensory, motor, and sensorimotor functions
  • Cognitive wellness includes our mental functions which is not limited to perceptions, concentration, memory, comprehension, judgment and reasoning

These core aspects of an individual’s wellness impact their ability to partake in self-care, leisure, and work tasks. A person’s ability to engage in these areas of life creates our greater institutions, culture, social, and physical environment. 
Through this model we see that our health is a dynamic web of interrelated parts; and occupational therapists are trained to look at ALL of these components. 

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