All Things Ayurveda and Parts Work

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About Course

Have you started wellness routines over and over again only to become burnt out and discouraged? Are you looking to better your health and wellness with habits and routines that will last for years to come? This 7 module, self paced course if for you. You can spend as little to as much time as you would like on each module. You can visit and revisit the modules that you feel most inspired by. 

Course content includes Yoga Mindset Coaching inspired by Internal Family Systems Theory aka Part Work including breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, and Classical Yoga postures. These practices help regulate the nervous system, improve body awareness, develop emotional intelligence, and cultivate a deepened understanding of one’s self. These practices lay the foundation for incorporating Ayurvedic principles into your daily routines. Through an Ayurveda lens you learn to use food, herbs and movement as medicine. These combined practices lead to a deep capacity to not only heal your bodies but your minds and spirit. When our bodies, minds, and spirit are connected in harmony we experience optimal health and wellness.

But why this course, you say?

Here is the thing, many wellness routines don’t work. We each have subconscious patterns that sabotage even our best efforts to create the change we so desperately want to see fruition in our lives. This course not only introduces wellness routines that are obtainable. It dives into your subconscious patterning, bringing greater awareness to beliefs that limit your potential. Your potential to lead the vibrant, joyful, loving life you have been dreaming of! 

When you cultivate Self awareness, you are able to align your conscious mind to manifest the habits and routines that will support your growth. You can think about your habits and routines like how you dress yourself. They make up who you are, what you manifest in your life, and what you offer to your community. You can change a habit just like you change your shirt; but if you are clinging on to that old raggedy shirt, you won’t be open to cleaning your closet to make room for that new button up you’ve been wanting. 

You don’t have to give up anything. You don’t need to take drastic measures. You simply want to add habits and routines that bring you back to your center, back to balance and in harmony with your greater world. When you move from this space you may notice old habits that no longer support you. Naturally the 4 cups of coffee turns to 1 cup. Eventually it may completely fade away. However, you aren’t focused on this. This course emphasizes listening to the forever changing needs of your body; learning to make adjustments from day to day, season to season. It asks you to get to know yourself. To understand your unique needs mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Your body wants to heal. You are filled with wisdom. Sometimes it is about getting still enough to listen to your most natural impulses. (Not the impulses that have been feeding your imbalance so be sure to listen closely!) My highest hope, for you all, is to return to this space, again and again and again. May these practices feed your body, your mind, and your spirit. May we heal individually and collectively to create thriving communities. The time is now.

Thank you and dedication

Thank you to my many teachers, the seen and unseen. Notably Karina Ayn Mirsky, Jerry Givens, and Kameko Shibata. Thank you for the wisdom of Classical Yoga, Tantra, and Parts Work for deeply transforming and infusing my life with love, joy, abundance, and health. Thank you for the numerous practitioners who have supported and shared these practices; notably Katie Silcox and Kulreet Chaudrary. Thank you for the opportunity to share these practices with you. I hope that they will serve you in ten-fold like they have and continue to for me. It is my deepest honor to walk into this space of healing alongside you. 

Hari Om Tat Sat

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to eat for your specific body type to reduce inflammation, chronic illness, and prevent disease
  • How to use food, herbs, and movement as medicine
  • How to regulate your nervous system to reduce anxiety, depression, brain fog, OCD, etc.
  • Improve Self-awareness to cultivate an inner sense of self love and compassion
  • Transform you mental and emotion state to live a life of vibrancy

Course Content

Preparation for Course
Take some time to reflect on where you are currently at in your life. What is your relationship to you mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing? Follow the journal prompts so that you are able to look back and reflect on this time of your life. The more you take notice, the more you will recognize all the subtle shifts that create major changes in your health and wellness.

  • Journal

Module 1: Understanding Part’s Work aka Internal Family Systems Theory
The following journal prompts, and yoga/meditation exercises will be grounded in concepts from Yoga Mindset Coaching. Yoga Mindset Coaching blends Classical Yoga philosophy and practices with Parts Work. Parts Work is also known as Internal Family Systems Theory and was founded by Richard Schwartz. It works on the premises that we have many “parts” of ourselves. These “parts” are not our whole Self. The capital Self is the space of awareness where we are calm, curious, and compassionate to all the “parts” of ourselves. Cultivating Self space allows us to bring all “parts” of ourselves into harmony and balance; no “part” is bad. They are all doing their absolute best but sometimes “parts” are in conflict with one another. Other times a “part” needs to be healed or simply paid attention to. Bringing exiled “parts” into the room of the mind is essential to the practice. When we pay attention to these exiled parts and allow managers and protectors to have space, we are able to make choices that are aligned to our deepest desires. Are you ready to dive in and transform your life?

Module 2: Understanding the Basics of Ayurveda
You might be asking, what the heck is Ayurveda?! Why do I want to learn about this ancient art and how will it impact my life? Ayur means life, and veda means knowledge; thus ayurveda is “the knowledge of life”. Another beautiful translation is “the science of longevity.” Sounds worth exploring, right?

Module 3: A Deeper Dive into Ayurveda: gunas, doshas, and elements

Modules 4: Balancing the Doshas

Module 5: Digestion, Brain-Gut Connection, Neuroadaptation

Module 6: Ignite your Digestive Fire

Module 7: Let’s make the shifts! Healing protocol, recipes, and more.


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