Hi, I'm Lilly

I’m a Women’s Health Occupational Therapist who focuses on pelvic wellness and mental/emotional resiliency. 

Soul Embodied aims at bridging individual well-being into collective healing through an integrated approach of mind, body, and spirit.

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If you have found yourself here,

it is likely that you are deepening into your healing journey.

You may be looking for ways to feel safe and connected to your body;

reduce pain, anxiety, and depression; freely express and create;

and flourish in relationship with others.

“Lilly is a very special woman. I am continually breath taken with her knowledge, wisdom and maturity. As a sexual assault survivor, she has helped me recover my physical well-being, mental clarity and heal profound emotional wounds that have impaired my ability to function and do what I love, especially my passion for singing. She is an exceptional listener and with her multidimensional skill set she can recognize and encourage many layers of experience within a person to the surface for repair and release.”

- Elizabeth Gregory

Start living the life you always dreamed of by living into your radiance.





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